My name is Hasan, I had the privilege of serving Pickering Islamic Centre for many years in different capacities. In 2013 a friend and I decided to take a group of for Umrah via Turkey. It was a great trip Mashallah. Everyone in the group was very pleased.

Gala did everything they said they would. The ground tours, hotels and flights were all on point. Br.Naeem personally assigned one of his best to take care of our group: Br. Hasan Qummi. It was an absolute pleasure working with Hasan, I must have called him over a hundred times in a span of two months. Many years later I still give him a call for no reason.

I would not hesitate to put Gala on my list of go to people for any future endeavors. In fact we are working on another group excursion, and we will definitely be contacting them again to see what they can do for us.

Professional and straight to the point!